Introducing Chick Tick

September 20th, 2017

Chick Tick, an idea on a plane to Bali. Why is there so much talk about the gender earnings gap and no talk about the fact women control 85% of consumer spending? 20 trillion dollars of spending a year.

Director of Strategy, Jacquie Baker had the idea that we can bring about true financial equality if the conversation changes. Let’s create change by creating consumer demand and using market forces to ask for change. Close historical earnings gaps by raising awareness of the financial power women have.

So the premise is simple: place a logo on female-owned products, and people buy those products to help close the earnings gap.

Crazy big idea - YES, Shit scared and wondering how the hell its going to be pulled off - YES. Confronting comfort zones and having to fight the fear of failure - HELL YES. Going to see how far we can take this idea - 100% curious. Willing to be brave - you know it.