Silverlane is a holistic Brand agency. What does that mean?
Let us take a minute to explain.

There is an idea that Branding is logos, colours or maybe a bit of positioning according to your target audience. And it is true, it's all of that but so much more. It's about capturing essence.

We understand Brand is the equity you build in the world that extends beyond the product or service that you are selling.  It is bloody everything, it's also often not tangible, it’s the way people perceive you.  As we all know, we can never control people's perceptions, we can only work to communicate clearly to help them understand you and hope for the best.

We use the term holistic because no brand is built without great people. Your essence, vision and reasons for why you do what you do are essential to the creation process. We want to understand your path, so we can help light your way. We use a formula of design, strategy, communication, mindset, business acumen, experience, and theoretical frameworks, to breath life into our work.

The future of business is connection.

That connection is based on communication. That is really brand and content. Let us be your brand guardians, work with you to resonate with your audience and help you feel confident to share your story with the world.

We work with good people who love what they do. We know how to rock the corporate gigs, we work with stars and influences, we work with heart led people who give 100% to their work. We don't have an ideal client as far as a profile or industry goes. We have ideal feelings - and that is working with people who are excited about the future, who love what they do and want to create partnerships built on mutual respect. Magic happens when our feelings of excitement for what we do match your excitement for what you do.

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