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SILVERLANE is a brand consultancy based in Collingwood, Melbourne. Established in 2011 by directors, Jacqueline Baker and Christopher Shaw, we are not a full-service creative agency. We are specialists, not generalists. We provide direction and services that build strong branding foundations and offer continuing support for the direction of emerging and established brands. We are realists. It is our mission to increase the commercial value of your brand.

We exist for brands on a mission. We believe the opportunity cost of DIY is too high. We want to fast track brands for success and rapid growth. Bring us your dreams and let’s do this!

We love working
with the brave,
the rule breakers
and the dreamers

We're a headstrong team of industry experts. We like to consider ourselves Brand Guardians. Our job is to do what's right for the brand. We live or die by our results and love a challenge. Our diverse team is made up of designers, strategists and campaign experts a broad spectrum of industry experience. We're always taking lessons learned from one industry and applying them to another. Our process is agile, goal directed and efficient, so that we may provide great value and still have time for fun.

We've got a mantra at SILVERLANE; Life's too short to work with @$$holes. If you're a brave brand, an entrepreneur with big dreams, a disruptive startup ready to change the game, or a visionary with a story to tell, then we are the team for you. We want to collaborate with you and bring your ideas to life. We love turning passions into tangible realities. Come and meet us in the SILVERLANE "Train of Thought" and let's get discussing those future plans.

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