Value is in the brand, not the product

Your product or service is unique. But is it? Can the consumer tell and will they even care? Let’s face it, we all know the value of Coke is more than the billions of litres of brown water they sell annually. In a competitive market where services and products are interchangeable, consumers will only give cash to brands they identify with and love. SILVERLANE creates believable, lovable brands that people buy. If you’re in business to make profits and create a valuable asset, then you need to be paying as much attention to growing your brand equity as anything else.

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SILVERLANE is a brand consultancy based in Collingwood, Melbourne. Established in 2011 by directors, Jacqueline Baker and Christopher Shaw, we are not a full-service creative agency. We are specialists, not generalists. We provide direction and services that build strong branding foundations and offer continuing support for the direction of emerging and established brands. We are realists. It is our mission to increase the commercial value of your brand.

We exist for brands on a mission. We believe the opportunity cost of DIY is too high. We want to fast track brands for success and rapid growth. Bring us your dreams and let’s do this!


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We've been building websites for brands around the globe since 2011. Our approach is different from our competitors. We design a website specifically for your brand and goals. Our approach is not cookie cutter. We understand that all businesses are unique, and we want you website to be unique too.

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Our aesthetic has been described as "brand with heart". In 2013 we implemented a Goal Directed Design approach to better serve the needs of our clients. By defining goals and using them to inform our decisions, we can guarantee fast delivery and exceptional quality. With this approach in mind, we deliver brand ID, web, digital, print, outdoor and packaging for all types of services and brands. Looking to step up a level? Talk to us about your next project.

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We're not new to this. We've been working on awareness campaigns for the past 5 years. You've probably seen our campaigns. Our combined campaign reach is over 50 million impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We love creating tasty clickable content that engages customers in your brand. Our approach fits in with your existing marketing team or VA for maximum profitability, or let us take over everything and become your brand guardians.

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A Communications Brand with a Communications Problem

Alltel is an Australian owned Business Telco that believes in "Good old Fashioned Customer Service". We worked with Alltel to improve their online presence and get them new leads. We updated their

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