From Caregiver to Hero, the impact of brand repositioning



Client Engagement Strategy, Content Strategy, Referral Strategy, Web & Content

Rubiix has the unique ability to inject a high level of care into everything they do. The level of care in their work allowed their brand to become the 'Caregiver' archetype naturally.

We wanted people to shout about how good Rubiix is; we wanted their target market to value them. When existing clients recognise their value and appreciate the 'wow factor', they are more likely to provide referrals, which grows business with low cost acquisition.

We strategised a brand repositioning; Rubiix offers incredibly profitable advice for business owners, and that's the work of a Hero. The Hero leaves a mark on people through their brilliance and mastery.

With this new positioning, we created the Rubiix Care Factor and referral program to build the value of the brand in the eyes of their existing clients.

The website went through a reskin, and the language of their marketing shifted to acknowledge their success and strengths with humble confidence.


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