Abracadabra translates to
"I will create as I speak".

It was used by the Gnostics help protect and manifest. At SILVERLANE, "we will create as you speak".

We are fortunate to work with people and businesses to understand their essence, their intentions and their path. We work with you to create a visual language to help you convey and communicate your vibe. We all know when we see a brand for the first time, and it stops us in our tracks. We are like "hold up, I want to know more about this" or "Yay, these are my people" or an instant rush of desire, or even a deep breath of relief, because you know it is going to provide a service that will look after you.

We are all trained to be highly visual. We are all high aesthetic, we know what it means when someone business looks daggy. Those businesses don't care what they look like, they don't take pride in what they do. They don't think they are worth the investment. And we have seen the compound returns the mighty companies of this world have gained when they have invested in building their brand equity.

We work with you, we work to create something that makes you excited, that leverages you into more significant opportunities, that draws people in.

Honest talk, we work with businesses and people who know themselves.

To create a beautiful brand experience, one that resonates and communicates succinctly, we need to start with a few essential ingredients.

  • An understanding of how you do what you do.
  • An idea of the journey you want to travel
  • How you want to make your audience feel.

If we don't have these elements, we fill in the gaps. The brand becomes more about our ideas than your path, the magic doesn't work as well.

You don't have to be crystal clear or exact about these things, but you need to be willing to dig deep, and you need to allow us to unearth your gems.

For us to use brand alchemy, to create something that transmits feels, you'll want to share with us in a genuine, unfiltered way. You will want to speak from the heart, and be excited about the co-creation that is going to do down.

It's about creating magic, are you ready to see sparks fly.  Ok and it's also about ROI and increasing perceived quality, value and all the other good things, but thats magic right?

We are not cheap. We are not crazy expensive, either. We value what we do, and we know we are REALLY good at what we do. We have spent years understanding the human condition, what people want, and how they wish to receive. We have the tools and the frameworks to help step you through the elements of what you do, in a way that can help you communicate with more depth, more sincerity, more eloquence. We know what we do is magical.

& Processes

Ok, we always start with a conversation. It sounds simple right? But people who call and want a price is not going to get one without us understanding correctly what you require. So either a quick phone chat or a face to face meeting is fantastic.

We will put together a few options for you with different pricing options.

We love to get all the paperwork, timelines, payment dates, expectations in place right from the start. Our goal is for everyone to be in flow and to have a fun experience, and there is nothing worse than feeling let down, confused or on the wrong page - this goes for both parties.

Once we all feel excited and set-up, we will have a workshop where we ask you a bunch of questions and have some free-flowing conversations.

The types of work we can create for you:

Logos, brand marks, brand elements, brand stories, brand colours, fonts, image use guides, brand voice guides, brand personas, mascots etc.

From here we get to work

We will meet with you either via video or in-person for every step of the way.

We need to get your feedback in real-time because we want to understand your emotional response to what we are creating.  The people view and reading this work will be having an emotional response (we all buy emotionally, then intellectually justify afterwards).  We can go into the intellectual critique after those initial responses.

A note about design by committee

We charge slightly more for boards, committees or managing more than two decision-makers. We have developed a process, where it takes the burden off the internal point person, to a way where we can maintain the process where all parties feel heard and valued.

Our Standard Process

Our standard process is 2 design rounds, then 2 review rounds, based on the goals we collectively agree to in the workshop. We love getting the vibe right.


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