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At One Foods

Ever thought about how you fuel your performance? During a gruelling ultra marathon in the Moroccan Sahara Desert, founder of At One, Andrew Terlich,  had an epiphany. Shouldn't athletes have the option to fuel their bodies using products made up of unprocessed nutrition sources, real ingredients, not scientific ones? Andrew and his wife Tara set about experimenting with ingredients and Andrew tested the products in the field. Realising they were on to something, they set about turning their new found passion into a real business and soon had product and distribution. 

Andrew had identified his audience as endurance athletes and people who were into serious sports nutrition, however the initial logo, packaging and website built for At One Foods did not attract this audience. Luckily we specialise in full service brand rehabilitation.

Next up was the ecommerce site. We built the site using WordPress and Woocommerce. Shipping was integrated with Shippit and instagram was integrated on every page to keep the content lively. The site uses strong brand iconography to complete the brand experience. 

Check out the website HERE, and buy some bars. They're delicious.


We started with rebranding. The new brand had to evoke a notion of endurance sports and adventure. The logo mark combines a mountain horizon line with GPS tracking imagery and a rugged adventurous font. Simple black and white to ensure maximum usability in every situation. Next we completely redesigned the bar wrapper using bold text, and colour to identify flavour. The pack and cartons were also redesigned to match.

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