An introduction to Snake Gully

September 20th, 2017

Snake Gully is a clothing & accessories brand conceived by creative director Christopher Shaw. The plan for Snake Gully is to infuse elements from skate culture and tattoo art, into an authentic streetwear brand. Our aim is to stand out from the high energy voices covering the internet that all sound the same. We want the voice to appeal to normal dudes, who have interests in the arts and film, skating, tattoos, a good whiskey. Guys who are neither super aspirational nor uninspired. The perfect blend of both.

The purpose is to appeal to people with mid range energy, who care about what they wear but wouldn’t be overly opinionated about it. They buy the things they like because they genuninely like it not because it’s in fashion. Content s being curated by Brand Strategist Chantell Fellowes, and we'll be manufacturing the first line of product in late 2017,