Let’s make brands better

Jacquie Baker March 23rd, 2017

Over the past five years, we have worked with around 900 business.  

That’s a lot of insight.  People get stuck in business, and can’t unstick themselves to grow.  We help business, by injecting, creative problem solving and innovating to help them get unstuck.

We are a team of knowledgeable nerds that use, design, technology, sales and marketing theory, to fix problems and to level up your game.  We do this with love, passion and process.

We bring value to your business by finding engaged customers, who are engaged, devoted and profitable.  We establish your voice, your culture, your message, your brand identity and deliver it precisely to your audience so they can positively interact with your brand.  We are quick acting – not reacting; to provide experiences and keep you in sight and mind.

Rebels at heart, and norm-questioning visionaries, we want to build the future with brave like-minded people, who want to deliver great experiences for their clients.    

The future of business is about creating brand experiences. We design the connections between companies and their people.


UX at the heart of everything:

People want an experience, that is simplistic and works seamlessly with their goals. Businesses need to be ready to deliver high quality, experience encounters.


Conscious marketing:

We all want to engage with brands that are aligned and have similar values. Engage with your target market with a shared purpose through the brand story and clear messaging. Be better, not because you can profit, but because you want to make a difference.


Service Design:

Service design is a theory that puts the consumer, client or audience – the human – at the centre of the way you do things. It touches on a range of disciplines, including consumer research, product design, service marketing and business strategy.  At its simplest, you think about how your clients are going to feel when they are dealing with you and create systems to make them feel safe, loved, excited.  It seems obvious, but most businesses don’t think about what’s needed to offer excellent service.  


Process and Consistency wins:

Consistency is everything.  Whether it’s your branding or you the way you answer your phone, people love consistency.  To be truly consistent you need a process to follow, so you are consistent every time.  McDonald’s is consistent because of its procedures.  Now McDonald’s doesn’t sell the best burgers, but it is consistent, so consistent, that if you are in Seoul at 2 am in the morning and you can’t face anymore Kimchi, you can count on their Big Macs to be a Big Mac.


Creating Remarkable Businesses:

I once heard a cheesy speaker say the reason why it’s a remarkable business is that people remark how good they are.  Referrals and hype can’t be bought.  It is the best form of marketing.  People think that it’s a cheap form of commercialization, it’s not.  You have to invest in your business to make it remarkable. All the little processes, steps and consistency make it remarkable.  The sum of its pieces.


Rise to the occasion – creating experiences:

It’s not enough to be in business and have a good product or service.  I wish it was the case, but it’s not.  As consumers we want experiences.  I don’t just want my hair cut; I want it styled by a colour consultant with the champagne and the celebrity gossip. When I buy a car, I don’t just get a car; I get the warranty, the free services – with my car washed and detailed.  I feel like I belong.  How do you create an experience that elevates your customers to a higher level?


Our Revolution: The new age of the digital economy:

Technology is changing everything, including people; we are witnessing rapid growth as we evolve from the transactional age into a relational age. The Internet is a connected community that brings individuals and businesses together, sharing values and visions. The power is given to the consumers, as they change rapidly with how they interact with brands, with high expectations of what people want and how they expect it’s delivered.