Snapchat Geo Filter Case Study

Jorja Watts July 10th, 2018

Despite being the most online segment as they haven’t known a world without the internet, Generation Z are the hardest to get to engage with marketing efforts which provides return on marketing investment.

SILVERLANE was tasked with getting this demographic excited about Jumanji Music Festival hosted by NoQue and Ego Expo earlier in the year.

Through our in-depth research (to the point that our team was nearly addicted to and killer designs, we were able to get these advertising adverse teens moving and recognising our brands.


How did we do it? Snapchat!


Snapchat has been viewed as a dying form of social media for a while by Generation Y, however, for the young tech-obsessed, this is one of their major resources when chatting with their peers. They love to be able to send pictures of themselves with face enhancing filters. Brands are able to interrupt this behaviour, by enabling Snapchatters to use their branded lenses and promote the brand to their friends.

For Ego Expo, we did an eight week, Snapchat filter roll out. Utilizing both geo-location targeting and demographic targeting to get the best reach and maximise the brand awareness of our client.

Throughout the campaign, for a minimal budget, we were able to reach 75,400 people within our target audience. This reach was achieved through getting 2,139 people to share and use the expertly designed filter that was branded in a way that would still receive the largest exposure and use.

The geo-location target is a great way to reach your audience when you are aware of how they go about their lifestyle. For Jumanji, we understood that the people who are most likely to be attending the festival who we can reach via Snapchat advertising are going to be in R&B clubs in Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday nights. In the lead up to the festival, we ran geo-targeted filters over the clubs that best correlated with our line up. There was a resounding success with each Saturday night resulting in a reach of 10,000+ people.

Building on this brand awareness with the knowledge that this festival is to become an annual event, we wanted to create a sense of excitement and FOMO for those not there this year to draw them in for next event. We did this through using an geo-filter for the event location. We ran two filters for each of the Melbourne and Sydney legs of the event, to be congruent with the two distinctive branding of the festival.

 Combined these four filters reached more than 615,100 people within the 24 hours of each event.


Need to get results with the highschoolers of today? They are a hard bunch to crack, but SILVERLANE knows how to do it!