We're not new to this. We've been working on awareness campaigns for the past 5 years. You've probably seen our campaigns. Our combined campaign reach is over 40 million impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We love creating tasty clickable content that engages customers in your brand. Our approach fits in with your existing marketing team or VA for maximum profitability, or let us take over everything and become your brand guardians.

designed for
brand activation

We started managing social campaigns back in the dark ages of Facebook (before paid reach). We have stayed agile and responsive to the changes in technology as they have come along. We now manage awareness of multiple brands across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Myspace (lol). In addition in 2016 we moved into offline awareness, partnering with event coordinators, PR groups and outdoor advertising suppliers to increase the reach away from screen. We are obsessive about awareness, reach, relevancy and click through rates. We don't stop refining until the metrics are just right.

We currently have space for a limited number of additional brand awareness campaigns. If you are results driven, and need to get maximum eyeballs on your brand, hit us up!

that generate

We've had some pretty amazing results from these campaigns. We're talking about actual return on investment. Big jumps in online enquiry, increased in-store/online purchases and sold out events have been some of the outcomes for these campaigns. We have a knack for finding your people and talking to them in a way that drives a frenzy of engagement. We offer various levels of service depending on the how we integrate with your exiting team. We live and breath this stuff. Need more proof? Ask us to send you the white-papers.

Map It

We develop a 3 month communication plan and editorial calendar

Create It

We create content designed to engage your followers and grow your audience

Schedule It

Your campaign is scheduled on your favorite social platforms

Prove It

We report back with detailed stats on how your campign went

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