Maslow theory the key to understanding your where your brand is positioned

Carolina April 3rd, 2018

Written by Carolina

Understanding your brand is crucial to make it unforgettable, valuable, awesome, beloved and all the good things we know you want to achieve through your branding strategy. But, getting to that point means to be a hard and passionate worker, we are pretty sure you are. So, where to start? We will look back to Maslow’s theory to show you how human behaviour can teach us to build stronger and more profitable brands.


Just like people, brand’s behavior can be analyzed with some help from our folk Maslow. He proposed a pyramid-shaped theory to explain the human motivation and needs from the most basic up to self-actualization. To make it simple: the theory says that unless we have the fundamental basic human needs at the bottom of the hierarchy we will not strive to meet any further desires. As each requirement is fulfilled we move up the hierarchy.


It might look old school but, this theory can have a huge impact on your branding strategy. Why? Because, like humans, brands are always looking to find a place, to feel connected to something, to be safe, loved, etc.


Let’s go back to the beginning, when you started your business, you were had to fulfill your basic needs, then you created a product or service to offer, a structure, right? And probably now your brand is going through a selfless process to move up the pyramid, develop identity, security and eventually get to the point to be self-actualized.


Ok, it might sound a little bit of a trip but let’s find out where is your brand on the pyramid?


Let’s think about it like a relationship, the top is a happy marriage: if your brand is really strong, connects with people, is a storyteller and has become a sort of ‘culte’ brand, it is on the top of the pyramid. Getting there can take a long time and hard work (just like marriage), but it is definitely worth it, you’ll always have someone by your side.


The bottom is like starting dating: if your brand is there, it means is growing, is trying to find itself and where it wants to be. You can be a little bit silly when you first meet someone, but it’s a nice stage to be and also important, it will seal the rest of your relationship with customers. The brands that are usually at this stage are emerging business.  


The middle is like being with someone for a while but nothing happens: it’s a sort of ‘limbo’, it is not the ideal place to be because it can mean the brand is stuck, it has some sort of identity issues or it can be having internal problems that don’t allow it to grow (to get to the marriage point). In some cases, these businesses don’t know themselves really well, at the end of the day, if your brand doesn’t know or love itself, no one else will be able to do it.


How can find your brand on the pyramid can help it?


When you get to know better your brand and where it stands, it will be highly useful to develop strategies, grow, monitor and create strong and powerful connections with customers. It’s just like love, work hard to keep the flame on and it will give you a long and happy future.  


Hopefully, you are intrigued about this theory and how it can help your brand, well, don’t be shy and check how together we can find out what your brand state is and how we can take it to the next level. You took an awesome first step by reading this piece!


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