Are people finding your business? Let’s talk about SEO

Carolina June 5th, 2018

You could have the perfect product/service, but it’s worthless if nobody can find it

Let us ask you something today, nothing too hard… What is the first thing you do when you need to find something?

You thought about a powerful friend named Google, are we right?

It turns out that we need to optimise all the efforts we do regarding branding and innovation in order to make it easier for people to find what you offer. Let’s say you have a coffee shop (yup, we’re feeling wild today) and someone new in the city wants to grab a cup of coffee, they want to find a nice place close to where they are, so they go to Google and type something like: ‘coffee shop near me’, it’s highly probable they will go to the first place they find with good reviews, pictures and the one that has its menu published. Easy, quick, practical, that’s how everything should work these days.

That coffee shop that the customer chose didn’t earn it for free, it took lots of effort to be there straight away, it took strategy, branding, creativity and a SEO plan and execution. It’s crucial for you to understand how people find your business and the products/services you offer, you want to be there when they make a choice, right?

Well, this is why we exist, we love helping businesses to be found and we know how to do it. Algorithms, quality content, web experiences are part of our menu for you.



  • Google is looking to index and rank higher quality pages.
  • Users want a more immersive online experience.
  • Google is pushing an expanded focus on the user’s experience.
  • Users are looking for more information and education before making a purchase



User and their experience is what we should all be caring about. If we work on that, it will mean more business, more conversions, and a longer, more meaningful relationship with your customers. Sounds great, right?

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