Is a brand story even that important?

Jorja Watts July 11th, 2017

A brand story is the essence of your business. It is the back story behind what motivates and unpins your business to do what you do. 

Second Chance Animal Rescue is unpinned by a childhood connection with an orphaned animal that led to the understanding that dogs and cat are helplessly connected to humans and depend on their kindness to survive. Leading to the creation of an animal shelter that wants to find the right home for the right pet to ensure it can be their forever home. 

Director's Edge is underpinned by the understanding that not all days are like another - meeting your soul mate is not only a life event, it’s a rare and extraordinary happening. Deciding to spend the rest of your time on earth with that person is
even more magical.
For both these business' this story is what drives them to get up and continue what they are doing, but also it underpins all the marketing strategy that SILVERLANE is developing for them - from logo to web design, from social media posts to merch, from strategy to events - it is the essence of the brand and cannot be ignored if the business wants success and touch the audience. 

You are not the only author in your brand story. Ensure the right people are the author of your story. 

If you don't have a brand story or have something that is half-assed, then you are not the only author in your story. Anyone else can easily create a story for you, and if someone is going to that much effort it's not like to be a positive one - especially in times of easy to do, widely broadcasted Internet reviews. 

Having shaky foundations behind your story means that your brand is very vulnerable - as your consumers are less likely to have a loyal connection to your brand. 


Not sure how to perfectly word your story?

That's okay! SILVERLANE are experts in listening to what your origins are, and combining this with a rock solid understanding of your target audience to ensure that your brand story is representative, touching and relevant.