Emerging Brand specialists

Jacquie Baker July 13th, 2018

Written by Jacquie Baker

Our passion is working with what we define as ‘emerging brands.’ While most companies may not consider themselves as emerging, we describe the term as an organisation who is looking to shake up the status quo. You probably are looking to expand in revenue, market share, territory or your product mix. You perhaps have overcome the teething problems of starting out, and you are now ready to build a brand that is powerful and recognisable.


Why Emerging Brands

We believe there is a gap in services for a strategy focused brand agency who understands the opportunities and the risks with companies who have grown out of the start-up phase, who are established and looking to enter into the expansion phase. Agencies tend to chase the big fish – who have big budgets and existing brand equity that they can trade off, or sexy start-up where they can have vast amounts of creative freedom, but may not have anything substantial to work with. The real magic is having to be creative with confines and goals. We get to work in the evolution space, taking successful foundations and working to improve upon them. We know our clients have a good product or service, we know people want to buy from them, all we have to do is find more people and make sure the brand is represented in a way that is congruent to the business values.

We have built our business around partnering with emerging brands. We recognise their need for experienced marketing professionals to guide them through this period of expansion and growth. We are known for developing integrated marketing plans that are customised especially for our client’s needs, which are a solid mix of goal-directed design, common sense, frugality, sex campaign architecture.

We understand that emerging brands have expansion plans but need to work within existing budgets or at the very least, have to be frugal and make every cent work hard for them (someone’s butt is on the line and to execute plans they are reliant on more revenue). We love this place; underfunded start-ups are hard to get results and large established brands who turn over hundreds of millions a year need a larger agency who are looking at media buying strategies for national, or international campaigns. We don’t have the temperaments to play with those kids, quite frankly we are too nerdy and don’t have the egos.

Emerging Brand – Lady Brunswick


Our Emerging Brand Strategy

We specialise in online and regional campaigns. The reason for this, is emerging brands need the ability to test, measure and optimise. They need the ability to tweak to the best results, the most significant bang for their buck and focusing on these two area’s mean they don’t need to lock in huge media buying commitments and can be agile to take advantage of the best yielding platforms. They also get to do fun things like collars, work with influencers, events, use humour.

We come from a place of strategy, which means we are not loyal to any particular platform, and we don’t have a specific drum to beat. We back our strategy up with implementation. We have to work with you to implement the plan, so it is grounded in reality, we know what is achievable. We aren’t selling you education, or just one way to grow such as SEO, or SEM – we take a holistic approach. We have worked with around 700 businesses over the past ten years. We know what works, what doesn’t and have proven systems and process to ensure we work to get trackable results.