Be more than a one-click stand

Jorja Watts March 17th, 2017
Ensuring your business is more than a one-click stand for your audience.

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to giving your best content to your followers? Never fear SILVERLANE is here! We aren’t going to beat around the bush with witty intros, we are just going to give it to you straight, even if it is hard to swallow.

Have a voice, and don’t be afraid to use it!

According to the 2016 Sensis Social Media report brands are more likely to build trust with their followers if they interact positively with those on social media. Knowing your audience will ensure that you chose the right persona for your brand. Frank Body have adopted the voice of a charming, smooth talking hunk which is perfecto for their audience; as opposed to a sassy elderly lady, or a juvenile child who doesn’t want a bath.

“Know the limits of decency”- was one actually helpful pointer that came from Wiki How’s 13 steps to have a one-night stand that correlates with one click stands. Although your persona may be an edgy, rebellious teen that doesn’t mean you have the right to offend people through making socially damaging comments.

Sorry it isn’t about you, it’s about ME

Your communication strategy needs to be focused around your target market, and letting them know how relevant your brand is for them. Yes, you may love to post about gardening but that probably has nothing to do with what your followers are interested in.

Kikki-K’s communication strategy is about conveying the relevance of stationary because stationary is not required to be pretty to be useful or effective. Know your audience.

Spice it up

Recent modifications to various social media platforms are seeming to indicate the divergence on all platforms becoming the same product. However, they still have very different unique selling points. Understanding this is critical, to ensure that you are diversifying your content in the most optimum way for each platform. For example; posting this blog post only on Instagram would be idiotic, because all of my rambling would have to be contained in the caption which virtually no one would read.

Eye Candy

Give the people what they want. Hook them with a relevant image or video to spark their attention and keep the love flowing with perfectly matched copy. This point is particularly pertinent today more than every with majority of popular social platforms requiring an image for the post to occur (Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram).

Overall, be consistent, and leave a good impression on your target market, and I can’t see why they wouldn’t want to come back for more! And maybe text them back!