What is brand guardianship and why you need to adopt a policy around it

Carolina April 6th, 2018

Your brand is your most valuable asset, you spent a lot of time, money, and LOVE building it, right? Let’s think about it like when you get in shape, you put so much effort and finally, you are happy with what you see in the mirror. So, now what? You stop training and eating healthy? Ideally, no.


The same thing occurs with branding, you have to keep working hard in order to maintain the results. Nothing can be too good to not be reviewed or improved and here is when a guide is needed to protect all the amazing work done. In the fitness world, this figure is known as a personal trainer, in branding, we call it a brand guardian: an expert (agency, person, team), someone who takes care of your brand, who knows it, who knows the market, who is always up-to-date.

Branding is not a one-time thing, it should be done constantly in order to protect the work done.  


‘Why on earth do I need brand guardianship? I could do it myself!’


CONSISTENCY: You’re too close to the brand to be able to be effective regarding consistency. Think about it like having a daughter, she’ll always look perfect and pretty for you, it’s just too hard to be impartial, even if she’s wearing something ridiculous. The same thing might happen if you try to do it all yourself, you’re too attached / too busy to make decisions or to see things only an external player can realise.

Powerful brands are consistent


CONTROL: After the brand strategy is done and everyone is happy with it, usually brands are left unguarded, no one person takes responsibility for what happens with them. When you have a guardian to take care of your brand, you know who is supposed to be in charge of what happens with it and then, it’ll be easier to keep its value across the business.


Having a brand guardian will ensure your brand is applied consistently and appropriately wherever it appears.


SAVE MONEY: Having clear and specific guides for your brand, will lower the risk of damaging the brand by misapplication. Brand guardianship saves time and money and protects your all the work done building the brand.


‘Ok, if it’s not me, how should I pick my brand guardian?’


  • Choose people you can trust in: at the end of the day, YOUR brand will be in their hands.
  • Find a guardian who understands you and your brand: the process will be easier if you’re sure your guardian know where you come from and how you want your story to be told.
  • You have a business, you’re brave enough, pick a crew who are brave as you: opposites don’t always attract, get a guardian who you can connect with, who proposes you different, creative and effective ideas for your brand strategy.
  • It could be the initial item, but we wanted to make sure you first find a guardian who can truly connect with your brand: knowledge of branding; knowledge of design; knowledge of marketing. Of course, you need to make sure your guidance knows what they’re talking about and how to professionally take care of your beloved brand.


How can I make it work?


  • Create a policy: communicate your guardian what you expect from them and let them tell you how they can help you.
  • Get specific and easy to follow brand guidelines: this will protect your brand from different angles (conceptually, visually, legally).
  • Set an audit once a while: define a time frame to regularly review all your marketing materials.


Take care of what you love, brand guardianship protects your investment, will breathe new life into your brand and add value. Believe in your brand, just like we do. If you want to build a stronger brand and extend its lifecycle, raise your hand and let’s meet to make it happen. We love branding just as much as we love pizza (do the maths)