Another financial year, another WTF am I doing?

Jacquie Baker May 2nd, 2017
Another financial year, another WTF am I doing?

When I talk to people about their businesses, they rarely sound like they have their shit together. Sure they seem passionate about what they do. They sound like they want more sales, or want a better year. They talk about the year going fast or that they are super busy. But rarely do they say things are going according to plan and that they are in control of their business.

Why, because they don’t have a plan.

They have a vague - "do better than last year” motto. But they have not sat down and strategically thought about the actions they need to take to be in front of more people to make more sales. The easiest way to make more sales is to creating demand of people wanting to buy. Marketing in its purest form is creating a demand.

Success and Failure are usually not the results of a single event. Success is a string of small decisions; these create momentum. Momentum creates success. Having a clear outline of what steps are needed and pre-planned decisions, helps build momentum.

A strategy is planning the events that create the demand.

What do you do in your business consistently that creates a demand for your product? Do you know the timeframes that it takes to develop demand? How do you make your product or service desirable? Sure you love it, by why should others? And how do they even find out about it?

How do you create demand within your budget?

Is it even possible? Do you even have a budget? What would your business look like if you tripped your marketing budget? What if you halved it? Do you know what the cost per sale is? Can that cost improve?
Most business owners, who turn over under half a million per year don’t have a marketing budget. You know what? It's why they are turning over less than half a million. Creating a demand for your product or service is important, I would say equal to the product or service you are selling. Without it, you are a slave to the people in your network who YOU can explain what you do. You won’t be able to scale, and you are at the mercy of who you bump into. It isn’t strategic, and it isn’t how you set yourself up for success. It is leaving your life up to chance. It's a bit risky if you ask me.

A marketing strategy doesn’t mean spending 50K or posting a quote every day on Facebook; it means creating a plan of events and moment whereby you turn people into individuals who want to buy your product. If you can’t be arse'd thinking about this, or you are not good at thinking about it, or you have no idea how to create a demand for your business, you need to invest in a plan that figures out it for you.

As I always say - if you want to get to money island you better have the flight path figured out, because jumping on a plane and hoping to get to your destination without a map ain’t going to work. I also always say BE CONSISTENT. Both very pertinent to this particular line of thought.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start the next financial year with the map, that showed you how to create demand for your business, and how to string together small moments that create success?  Instead of a WTF am I doing?

Talk to us, we can show you how to create demand. We will make the process fun, engaging and exciting.