What are the values of a captain?

Christopher Shaw March 10th, 2017
Last month I talked about the different roles we use to manage projects at SILVERLANE. This month, lets drill down into the values needed to become a project Captain.

We reflect and talk about these values regularly to make sure we remain aligned to the core business values, in doing so, this ensures our project timelines and management remain at a high standard. This, in turn helps us churn out successfully project outcomes time after time.

The core values we need in a project Captain are as follows:


The Captain makes an effort to organize his Crew. To organize, means reminding the Crew of their respective roles in the team. Ensuring the campaign is organised to be executed in the best possible planned way. Failure to plan means you are planning to fail. Take responsibility and plan for success.



Being optimistic means being hopeful of something positive to happen. The team captain loves to motivate the Crew, as positive vibes means good things will happen. Clients often need to be encouraged and excited by their own business. They need an inspirational pep talk on occasion. Motivate the hell out of our clients.



The Captain is consistent. The Captain is consistent. The Captain is consistent. The Captain is consistent. The Captain is consistent. The Captain is consistent.



The Captain is will take a campaign or project to the level where it is unforgettable. Be adventurous. Be brave, be bold.



The captain studies their crews’ skills. Understands what they are capable of and get them to work beyond that to encourage creative and professional growth.



The Captain encourages greatness. We hope that the Captains leave a positive imprint on both the crew and our clients lives.



Your best leaders keep it real. Being trustworthy is one of the most important traits of a leader, the best captains work hard to earn and maintain their followers’ trust and respect. Create and maintain an environment where the Crew and the Clients trust you to speak honestly.



The Captain has to care. They have to care about the client, the crew, the outcomes, Silverlane, the Chief, themselves, the SHIP. Be Passionate. Give a shit.



Captains are relentlessly competitive and are compelled to WIN. Each campaign will be better than the last. The Captain competes with her or himself for professional milestones.



Our Captains, can think fast, and have skills to solve problems. Campaigns are often just a series of problems to solve. Run towards a problem, tackle it and make it your bitch.



It takes strength to steer the ship in a storm. Not all campaigns will run smoothly. The Captain will need strength to be steadfast and protect the ship from dangers.



A Captain is not afraid to go into battle. Fight for your ideas, fight for your team, fight for your client, fight for your campaign. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your ship reaching shore. Fight for success – use your intellect, your wit, use your crew, use your passion to make sure your ship does not wreck.



Our Captains are tough, they can handle being knocked over. When you are creative, not every idea, plan, or concept will work, it is the Captain’s job to bounce back quickly with a clear mind, to set an example to the Crew and the client (Brush your shoulders off).


IF IN DOUBT, ask yourself, “What would Captain America, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Stubing or Captain Kirk do?”

Next month: What is a Chief?