How to solve the biggest problems for emerging brands

Carolina April 11th, 2018

If you Google ‘emerging brands’, you will find a really interesting mixture of definitions, that’s why, before we dive into our subject today, we would like to define what this concept means to us: we call ‘emerging brands’ to the companies who have grown out of the start-up phase, who are established and looking to enter into the expansion phase


We have worked with over 700 different businesses and we wanted to resume some of the most common issues emerging brands have to face, but don’t worry, we also come with some ideas to don’t let them bring you down so you can keep kicking ass.

Make every cent work (existing budgets)


We’re aware of it, you work on a tight budget, and that can be really stressful and hurtful for your brand. Our advice here is to optimise your efforts, segment your audience, know who you’re talking to, BE CREATIVE; it’ll be easier for people to discover your brand.


Don’t try to do everything at the same time, choose wisely the tools and the appropriate budget for each one of them (it will all depend on your business goals)


Not having a clear strategy


If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably get lost; and as good and that could be if we refer to travel, when we talk about business, it’s not a brilliant idea.


Emerging brands need to have a plan to know where to go and how they’ll get there. What needs to be prepared, what sort of problems they might face and how to solve them, as is well known: “failing to plan is like planning to fail”


Work, work, work without plan, plan, plan


This point connects with the past one, it’s impressive how hard a lot of emerging brand owners work without having any clue of why they’re doing what they do. This can land on uninspired companies with non-productive employees.


Everyone inside your brand needs to be aware of their roles, goals and expectations, otherwise, it’s just a waste of time, effort and money.




Emerging brands can address a lot of insecurities and fears during their expansion times. The best way to deal with them is to plan, create, execute and evaluate. That way you won’t feel lost in the way and you’ll be able to take more risks that can give you that boost you’re craving for.


Not knowing your brand so well


Do you know your brand as well as you think? Can you tell if others see what you want to communicate with it? Your brand needs to be in a nice and strong identity position in order to generate brand awareness and profitability. If you know what your brand stands for, it’ll evoke the feelings and expectations you want it to.


Fall for the wrong KPI’s


Don’t get blind by empty KPIs, we strongly recommend you to know which metrics are important for each brand activation you create. Define the actions you want to get from the strategies you want to implement and then it’ll be easier for you to measure the results and eventually the ROI.


Not finding an authentic voice


We know, the competition is brutal, but take it as an advantage to find a unique and disruptive voice. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it, you can achieve it through your branding, marketing and digital strategy. Be a storyteller, a brand which can connect with people, tell what others don’t.


Lack of inspiration/patience/motivation


No one said it was going to be a sunshine every day, having an emerging brand brings challenges and some days it’s hard to find that extra energy to keep going, but if you remember yourself and your employees every day why you started your business and how your brand came to life to make this world better, it’ll be easier to run those miles easier.


Not listening


As emerging brands, there’s a lot that can be done to shine, you can listen closely to your customers, know exactly what they like, what they don’t; it’ll give you the power to give them unique products and services, which big brands find really hard to do. So, listen carefully, maybe the solution to your issues can be found out there with a little bit of patience.


Sorry it took us so long to finish, but we’re almost there


Emerging brands have to face a lot of issues/problems, but we hate calling them like that, we see them like shots to bring to life to stronger and better brand strategies. We have the power to create real connections, to innovate, let’s embrace it and make it happen. If you want to find how we can help your emerging brand to keep growing, send us a message, we’re a brave, nerdy and really cool crew willing to take you to the next level!