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SILVERLANE™ is Melbourne’s leading digital agency for the Film & TV industry. Over the past few years, we’ve worked alongside Web Series, Documentaries and Feature Films in the launch and amplification of their projects.

We are results-orientated, and devise each strategy to align with directly with goals of the individual project - whether it be views, downloads, accolades, professional recognition or to get an important message across to an audience, SILVERLANE™ delivers.


Launch strategy

Establishing the project's goals, along with those of its cast and crew, are paramount. They govern how, when and where the project launches. We strategise a timeline and corresponding milestones, determine key online platforms through which to reach and connect with our audience - and we coincide our online efforts with the facilitation of offline events, marketing and promotion, including merchandise design and development.

Impact producers

The role of an impact producer to get the project in front of an audience with which it’s going to RESONATE. Through careful targeting and monitoring of audiences online, we can tweak and fine-tune our approach and endeavours to capture, engage and AMPLIFY. Big ideas, clever execution, and lightning-fast agility mean we remain on the pulse - and the money.


We work with a number of projects still in the development stage. Our team has not only extensive knowledge of and experience in the industry but also strong personal ties. We are heavy consumers ourselves, so we pair with our professional know-how to aid projects from concept to pre-production and rough cuts through to post-production, to ensure the output will be conducive to success.


Web Series, Films and Docos serve a purpose, created to be consumed. Therefore they’re PRODUCTS - and behind every successful product, is a BRAND.  We treat Film & TV projects just as we do other branding exercises. To achieve success, we need to tell a story, evoke emotions and help create perception and opinion in the minds of consumers. We work closely with the client & the project goals to determine and establish a distinct, consistent personality with supporting visuals and voice and language.

Social media

Social Media is the lynchpin to the success of any project in 2017- especially Film & TV. We do extensive research and evaluation with each project, to determine the RIGHT platforms on which to build a presence - and develop a content strategy plan for each, to ensure we act with purpose and precision. Time is money, and money is time - so it’s in our best interests to maximise both.


A website is a connecting piece between all channels online and offline. It allows all skews of your target audience, from consumers to funding bodies - discover, explore and engage with your project. It is the platform on which to house your EPK (Electronic Press Kit), awards and nominations, merchandise and of course, the information on how people can view - be that cinema screenings, TV, V.O.D services or YouTube/Vimeo.


Validation is a key goal for many projects.  It can mean validation with an audience, to infer proof of concept with funding bodies, or it can mean validating key cast and crew members, so that they can leverage their careers and professional status locally, globally or both.


Advertising is a crucial component to every project. The Internet is, for the most part, ‘pay-to-play’- but there is inherent benefits in doing so. Youtube, Facebook and Instagram gives advertisers invaluable targeting options and supporting analytics. You can steer your content directly to the people who need to see it WHEN they need to see it.

Brand sponsorship

Brand sponsorship is a funding option if government or industry options are off the table. SILVERLANE™ are experts in creating Pitch Decks that impress. We also work closely with the project to determine the best types of sponsors that align with the brand identity of the project - for the purpose of both strengthening the brand as well as shooting for sponsors that are likely to get on board.

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Katering show

The Katering Show has achieved a level of success unparalleled with any Australian Web Series to date, and has also not just broken the international market, but smashed it.

SILVERLANE™ came on board with the project for their much anticipated 2nd Series. We managed the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We worked closely with ABC-iView during the premiere on the national VOD platform - during which it broke the record for most views within the first week - then worked alongside the show’s production team to build momentum for the global YouTube release. As well as Social, we developed and managed the production of the Katering Show merchandise, available through their website.
The show has cleaned up at Web Series Awards worldwide; the Kates are now household names, and the production crew - industry darlings. Stay tuned for their next project - a full-length TV show, which has just been announced to hit screens later this year.


This independent documentary is the little engine that could - and keeps going. A film almost 10 years in the making, it started as a completely independent project - then secured funding and a release from MIFF (Melbourne International Film Festival), which is where SILVERLANE™ came on board. The premise of the film is an important story and message about Indigenous Australians, and the key goal of the project was to get it seen by as many people as possible.

We developed a launch, marketing and amplification strategy for the film, and the results were joyous. The film screened to sold out audiences, scooped up a couple of big awards and nominations, and has enjoyed encore screenings both nationwide and internationally.  The film holds a place in the hearts and minds of viewers and entire nations alike. This is a film that will resonate with audiences for generations to come.


The show has cleaned up at Web Series Awards worldwide; the Kates are now household names, and the production crew - industry darlings. Stay tuned for their next project - a full-length TV show, which has just been announced to hit screens later this year.

Otto & Astrid

Otto & Astrid have been hitting stages worldwide with their unique blend of catchy punk rock tracks and sibling rivalry for over a decade. They’re fixtures on the fringe circuit, have supported some BIG names and have several shows and corresponding albums in their artillery. They’d dominated the rock’n’roll world offline - it was time to rocket their star power into cyberspace. They approached SILVERLANE™ with a new project - a Web Series. We worked closely with the duo to establish and fortify an online presence and fan base, through Social Media Strategy, a killer new website, and of course the launch and promotion of their Web Series, which included a bangin’ launch party here in Melbourne.  After a few short months, the show has reached almost 1 million views - and the band is in high demand. 2017 is set to be a very busy year for the brother & sister team. Catch them tearing up a stage near you soon


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