Getting value for your brand and your customers

Jacquie Baker Written by Jacquie Baker

In case you haven't been to our homepage for a while, SILVERLANE accelerates the value of your brand, why? Cos, nobody buys boring!

We're all about that value for your brand. In our last post, we shared our passion for the strategic uses of brand equity, and now we want to tell you about how valuable it is.

The value of getting your brand equity
right for your business

Value to customers

  • Easy to understand
    When you have clear and consistent messaging across your entire branding communication, your customers will quickly understand exactly who you are, what you offer and what they are buying.
  • Makes them feel confident in their purchase
    Ever bought something you regret later? That feeling is called cognitive dissonance. You never want that for your customer. When you have your client engagement processes down, you mitigate risk and boost brand loyalty
  • Increases satisfaction of purchase
    When a customer purchases your product or service, they don't just buy that item; they're buying into your whole brand! Getting the brand equity right improves their experience and increases satisfaction

Brand equity for your customers is all about lowering those purchase barriers that make them question whether or not your brand is the right choice to buy in to.

Value for your business

  • Makes marketing more efficient and effective
    Our brand strategy products are designed to install the fundamental truths of your brand, find and keep your ideal consumers, and talk to them in a way they understand. Once you have that foundation, everything you produce comes from that and leveraging what you already have.
  • Creates brand loyalty
    It's all about getting your brand communicating with a clear and authentic voice that speaks directly to your target market. Then your customers won't just be customers; they will be your brand's community!
  • It lowers the cost of customer acquisition
    Once you have the language down to attract your people, they will come in force! When you build that sweet brand loyalty, your customers will refer you through their social circles.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Brand equity clarifies your point of differentiation. We identify what makes your brand different and unique, and we use that to make you stand out from your competitors!
  • Improve pricing and margins, trade leverage, brand extensions
    Brand equity isn't just for your customers; it impacts your stakeholders, employees and overall business value. Let’s face it, we all know the value of Coke is more than the billions of litres of brown water they sell annually.
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