Are you using social media to your advantage?

Claire Frost Written by Claire Frost

It can be a challenge for professional services to figure out the best way to use social media. In professional services, social media is an extension of the messaging for your business, and it communicates your brand’s point of differentiation. You need to choose the platforms you're active on strategically for your target customers, so you're not wasting time creating content for the wrong people.

Social media is a part of the customer journey


Consider the sales cycle of your target customer when they encounter the social media activity of your brand. There are two scenarios:


One: A lead goes to your website first and then heads to your social media accounts to explore the brand personality and see if its a good fit for them.

Two: A lead discovers your brand through their social media activity. This discovery is their first encounter with your brand and based on how attracted they are to your brand’s social media activity; they will then go to the website to learn more.


Your social media strategy should consider these customer moments to communicate the right messaging that will prompt a response, encourage a conversion.

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